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Bihari Litti Chokha Recipe- How to make litti-chokha

Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is traditional dish of Bihar. Basic ingredients in litti is sattu. Sattu is nothing but grinded gram nut (chana). Litti-Chokha is now making its presence internationally

Type of Meal : Mostly as Snacks, Can be used for dinner also

Ingredients for Litti Chokha

For Dough (aata)

  • Wheat flour (atta) - 2 cup
  • Yogurt (dahi) - 4 tablespoon
  • Water - 1/2 cup

    For Filling

  • Sattu - 1 cup ( gram flour made by fried gram in hot sand)
  • Garlic( chopped ) - 4 cloves
  • Ginger( chopped ) - 1 tablespoon
  • Green chilies ( chopped ) - 2
  • Coriander leaves ( chopped ) - 2 tablespoon
  • Onion seeds ( Mangrella ) - 1/2 teaspoon
  • Thyme ( Ajwain ) - 1/2 teaspoon
  • Lemon juice - 2-3 teaspoon
  • Pickle masala (achar) - 3 teaspoon
  • Mustard oil - 2 tablespoon
  • Salt to taste

  • Bihari Litti Chokha

    Method for Litti Chokha

  • Mix all the filling ingredients with sattu. Add 1/4 cup water to make the stuffing moist and easy to fill. Keep aside.
  • Add yoghurt , in flour. Mix lightly with finger tips with water knead it into stiff dough. Make balls out of dough of 2.5" to 3" diameter in size with hand.
  • Stuff 2 to 3 teaspoon sattu filling in the center of each balls and close it from all sides.
  • When all the littis are stuffed, pre-heat the oven to 375° F and put all the littis on a foil .
  • Bake till one side is brown and black spots come on the litti surface. Then turn over the litti and bake for few more minutes until that side is brown as well.
  • Take out and dip in pure ghee or butter and serve with baigan (Brinjal) ka bharta. (MIXED CHOKHA)

    Mixed Chokha Preparation

  • Try litti with Mixed Chokha or Potato Chokha
  • Enjoy litti chokha

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